Miami Prop Fabrication & Design Services

Are you looking for a Miami prop design company for your film set, brand activation, or theater? If so, the wait is over!

We have a prop fabrication and design company based in Miami. We have the most reliable and fastest sources for prop designing. We can deliver designed and fabricated props of any type. We have a team of experts in our prop shop to design and fabricate props for TV sets, stages, theaters, fashion shows, marketing events, and many more.

We have highly experienced and talented sculptors, crew members, scenic painters, woodworkers, and metal fabricators in our company. Our experts try their level best to design the props uniquely. By using our expertise and craftsmanship, we turn your visions into reality. We use specific fabrication methods for each project. We have an experienced team of fabricators in our company. We have highly skilled experts, enough materials and tools to tackle any challenge. Our company have a diverse group of creative problem solvers under our roof. Our metal fabricators and electronic technicians help us to continuously innovate our solutions, processes, and techniques.

Our custom prop fabrication designs are ideal for interior, exterior, commercial, retail, and domestic projects at affordable prices. Our skilled and professional fabricators work with you throughout the project to achieve the best commercial set design for your needs. We start from the initial concept and end with the final delivery. Our experts do proper research to develop an extraordinary project for you. We provide our services in different categories.

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