Miami Prop Fabrication & Design Services

Are you looking for a Miami prop design company for your film set, brand activation, or theater? If so, the wait is over!
We have a prop fabrication and design company based in Miami. We have the most reliable and fastest sources for prop designing. We can deliver designed and fabricated props of any type. We have a team of experts in our prop shop to design and fabricate props for TV sets, stages, theaters, fashion shows, marketing events, and many more.

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Themed Prop Fabrication

We provide themed props from 3D Foam carving and Fabrication to make your events special. We guarantee to provide the best-themed services whether it’s a pirate ship, time period décor, or everyday tables and chairs. Our experts are always ready to face any challenging task. We know what to fabricate and where to procure it. We have the expertise to create custom event décor props for conferences, shopping malls, exhibitions, and brand activations.

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Stage Prop Design

A prop is something moveable or portable on a stage or a set. Whether you are in music, theater, or an independent entertainer, stage props play a vital role to make your show worth watching. Attractive stage props can leave your audience in awe. We design extraordinary stage & set props for live shows. Our stage prop designers have become more experts in this field as they have designed plenty of props for different types of events.

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Corporate Event Signage

A theme can put more fun in your event. All events like organizational affairs, corporate events, nonprofit fun dairies, and sports celebrations require the right event props to make the party awesome. Right-themed props play a vital role to make your events more fun and aesthetic. You can find the best event props at a very cheap price in our prop design house. We provide set building, Hollywood caliber art designs, and manpower to our clients.

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Prop Shop Miami - OUR WORK

Check out some of our Prop Design & Fabrication Work

Bandai Namco XR Stage Studio Build Bandai Namco XR Stage & Studio Build"
Jordan Peterson Studio BuildJordan Peterson Studio Build
Uber Comfort Pop UpUber Comfort Pop Up
Glyph Trade Show Booth Glyph Trade Show Booth
Wendy's PropsWendy's Props
Kind Bar Letter PropsKind Bar Letter Props
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